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Greg Clark Races at Silverstone

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Greg Clark Races at Silverstone

During the 21 years that I have been within the Industry, I have known and heard of too many good people who have been injured, lost their lives or developed terminal illnesses within the Highway Maintenance Industry. In August 2010, I participated in the Highways Magazine Golf Day at The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club. It was a fabulous day and it was here I learned about The Lighthouse Club and The Benevolent Fund. Being an extremely worthy charity and having been employed within the Highway Maintenance sector of the Construction Industry, it was an easy decision to join up. Wanting to improve on my £20 join up fee and In a moment of madness, I thought that I should run The London Marathon for the charity, but unfortunately (or fortunately) it was fully booked. There was, however a link on the website to The Silverstone Half Marathon and being an avid F1 fan, did not need to think twice before signing up! When the day came along, 06th March 2011, I arrived at Silverstone with my family for support and met up with Simon, my long time friend from school who got roped in to join me for the little run around the legendary racing circuit. The day was extremely good fun with over 6,400 entrants, good weather and the occasional celebrity along the way. Meeting up with Katie Price around the 8 mile board and jogging & chatting with her for about 20 minutes was entertaining! Winner of The Apprentice 2010 ‘Stella English’ rocketed past me as if I was standing still, before I painfully jogged past the impressive new paddock building and the 12 mile board. At the start, I had raised £1,193 for The Lighthouse Club and have since topped £1,800. The generosity of everybody who made a donation is overwhelming and is greatly appreciated – THANK YOU Greg Clark Operations Director

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