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2011 - Best Year Ever?

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2011 - Best Year Ever?

The last few years have been extremely challenging times for the construction industry. Since the Bank induced recession in late 2008, many companies have been struggling to find investment that allows businesses to grow and prosper. With Banks holding on to as much cash as possible, finding that there are companies continuing to flourish and expand says a lot more about the entrepreneurial spirit, that exisits within the UK's small businesses, than the quality and amount of help and investment received from todays Banks!

Keeping this in mind, 2011 was Quality Marking Services' most successful year yet! We invested in new people, equipment, services and innovative products. This has allowed us to enhance the business and invest in future growth, whilst also staying true to our values of supplying the best possible quality and service.

Perhaps the big Banks can learn something from the UK's small successful businesses!

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