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Major Contract Secured For QMS HyperLine™

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Major Contract Secured For QMS HyperLine™

QMS secures 6,500 Roadstuds and 450,000 metres of QMS HyperLine™ secured for EnterpriseMouchel in Devon & Cornwall.

QMS HyperLine™ is our flagship line marking rejuvenation system. Since its launch to the market, it has revolutionised the highway marking industry in terms of reduced cost of application, increased performance, huge reduction in Co2 emissions compared to Sprayed Thermoplastic Markings and being one of the fastest applied line marking products available there are huge benefits in reduction of traffic management costs and inconvenience to the traveling public.

QMS HyperLine™ is still the only available Waterborne Resin for line marking maintenance on the UK's Highway Network. It has been tried and tested and carries a British Road Trials Certificate. With many years of proven durability and performance, in fact, millions of metres laid and not a single metre failed.

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