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School Playground Markings - New Community School, Ernesettle, Plymouth

Service: QMS Playground Markings

Design Brief

With the impending completion of the new Ernesettle Community School, the teachers and School Council wanted to fill the dedicated external play areas with fun, engaging and educational playground markings. The markings' primary objectives were to stimulate games and activities for pupils during break times, encourage better social interaction between different age and gender groups, as well as promoting co-operative play and fostering a healthy attitude to exercise.


QMS were asked to present, to the school, our portfolio of Preformed Thermoplastic Playground Markings. The school council were then engaged in a primary role to decide what was chosen. QMS offers a complete school playground marking service to schools, from the initial design concept through to surface preparation and application. Our skilled team will quite simply transform your playground into a wonderland of games, learning tools and sport courts that young people will adore.


All the markings are produced, precision cut, pre-assembled and checked off site before being applied. We then carefully survey and mark out the site before unpacking and sorting the pieces. The area has to be thoroughly cleaned, the sections placed on the surface and fitted together like a jigsaw. The thermoplastic is then heated to its softening/melting point, to allow it to adhere to the mounting surface. Once cool, that's it! Ready for hours of playful stimulation.

Product Details

We use only the highest quality Preformed Thermoplastic, which is Organically Pigmented throughout the thickness of the material, meaning that it will not fade like painted markings or lower quality Thermoplastics. The material we use is non toxic, environmentally friendly, contains no lead or chromates and can last 10 times longer than traditional paint. QMS have been at the forefront of providing environmentally friendly and educational playground markings. To find out how QMS can help turn your playground into a fun, engaging and stimulating space, please contact us or visit our school playgrounds website.

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