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A Best Value Approach

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A Best Value Approach

When QMS was formed in 2001 the Company was founded on three basic principles : Quality : Value : Service.

You often find that when a company offers cut-down prices, what you get is a cut-down service with minimum guarantees. Cheap, poor quality materials, old and out-dated plant and equipment are being used, often by poorly trained operatives.

We take a 'Best Value Approach'.

This can drastically reduce the disruption and down-time to our clients thus saving valuable time and money. We research materials and products that are highly durable and can last up to 5 times longer than more conventional products. For instance materials that are applied by new techniques that cure much quicker or even instantly. We aim to use the highest quality products from reliable suppliers, products that are safe to use and have meaningful warranties of up to 5 years.

We have invested in the latest, highly engineered vehicles, machinery and plant and keep them well maintained. Our staff and operatives are all highly trained, motivated and appreciated.
Our service is of the highest quality at all times and we are accredited to the highest standards.

What does a 'Best Value Approach' mean for YOU?
It means you get the very best quality, the very best value and the very best service. In the long term a 'Best Value Approach' can save you money.

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