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Brand New From QMS - QMS StreetPave

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Brand New From QMS - QMS StreetPave

QMS StreetPave is a brand new paving system from QMS. Designed specifically to replicate the look of expensive granite block and brick paving, but without the cost and installation problems of traditional paving and imprint systems.

QMS StreetPave uses proven MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) material technology to produce a surface, which is both extremely durable and beautiful. The tile paving is quick to install, has very quick curing time of less than 40 minutes and can be installed to almost any tarmac or concrete surface; footpaths, pedestrian crossing points, roads, cark parks, driveways, parks, promenades, heritage and environmentally sensitive areas, the list is endless. QMS StreetPave has a very low profile and thickness making it an ideal retrospective installation for existing surfaces.
The system lends itself perfectly for new and existing speed hump and tabletop vehicular traffic calming measures, the installation and curing time is extremely quick allowing the carriageway to be handed back (in most cases) the same day.
Should an area of QMS StreetPave be required to be excavated for service or roadway maintenance, it can be 'patched in' giving the system very low maintenance costs when compared with other paving and imprint systems.
There are no templates required and with pleanty of different sizes and colours available, the system is highly adaptable to the site and customers requirements.
QMS StreetPave - Paving Just Got Better!
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