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Introducing Frankie!

Published - 14th Apr 2016
Introducing Frankie!

The only one of her kind, Frankie is a rugged, custom built Highways Maintenance vehicle designed specifically to deliver QMS HyperGrip™, a unique BBA HAPAS Type 1 High Friction Surfacing solution from Quality Marking Services Limited.

Built by our supply chain partners, Aximum, Frankie has the capacity to deliver up to 1000m² QMS HyperGrip™ per shift and is powered by a Renault C430 (Euro 6) truck. Boasting the latest safety features and low emissions rating for her type, a spacious cab, fully automatic gearbox and lane assist create a comfortable driving experience for our crews on long journeys.

The vehicle lighting is low-energy LED throughout and all auxiliary power is generated via a power take-off (PTO). By eliminating the need for a separate generator, we’ve reduced unnecessary noise pollution and minimised service and maintenance costs on additional equipment.

Frankie was designed with an enclosed truck bed to ensure that equipment and material aren’t compromised by inclement weather. The truck bed itself has been split into 3 separate storage areas which can be accessed from both sides of the vehicle with a 4th work area to the rear.

The forward section was designed to house the WASP dryer. An electric power hydraulic side lift has been installed for ease of access, enabling the safe movement of The WASP on and off the vehicle. 

The central section acts as the general store and is where the materials and additional tools are housed.

The rear section is the access point for two on-board resin tanks which were installed to reduce the labour intensive manual handling of 20kg resin tins whilst on site.  The resin tanks have the capacity to hold 2400kg material which is now delivered in bulk and transferred directly into the tanks via a suction pump at the QMS depot. The tanks house an agitator which runs continuously to ensure consistency throughout the mixture.

The dispensing pump attached to the tanks has been designed to deliver 20kg and 10kg of ready mixed resin. Having the option of selecting a smaller quantity of resin reduces unnecessary material wastage on site and enables more accurate reporting on stock usage.

Once the resin has been dispensed, an activator is then added. The use of a timed mixing drill hooked up to the on-board computer ensures that the activator is thoroughly combined with the resin. 

Speaking of the new investment, QMS Managing Director, Greg Clark said. “Frankie is a product of our ongoing commitment to delivering high quality highways services across the UK. With support from the Regional Growth Fund we have been able to invest heavily in plant equipment which will enable us to provide ongoing efficiencies in the delivery of our BBA HAPAS Type 1 High Friction Surfacing Treatment, QMS HyperGrip™.

Frankie will enable us to streamline and automate a large proportion of the material preparation processes so we will be able to not only guarantee the consistency of the activated material across a given site but also deliver considerable time and cost savings, easing pressure on the public purse and minimising disruption to road users when works are in progress.”

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