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Introducing QMS EnviroBlast

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Introducing QMS EnviroBlast

QMS EnviroBlast is our new recovered shotblast line marking removal system that quickly and efficiently removes road markings from any internal or external tarmac, concrete or brick paved surface.

Powerful yet gentle – unlike other high intensity and violent removal methods QMS EnviroBlast can remove up to 100% of even the most durable of paint marking systems, leaving the surface with virtually zero surface damage.
The way the system works, when compared to ultra-high pressure water removal (HydroBlast) means it drastically reduces the amount of bitumen stripped away from the surface leaving it less likely the aggregate will fret away, which can over time go on to cause expensive and early failure of the macadam surface.
Using the powered vacuum dust collector, it removes 100% of the dust and waste, which is conveniently bagged within the vacuum for easy disposal. Both the shot blast machine and the vacuum are extremely quiet and safe as all of the shot is recovered by powerful magnets and instantly recycled and reused in the process.
Key benefits of the system are:
  • Up to 100% line removal
  • Dry removal system allowing instant re-lining if required
  • Steel shot is recovered by powerful magnets and instantly recycled
  • Highly efficient and fast line removal
  • 100% dust and waste recovery vacuum
  • Low environmental impact
  • Extremely quiet – suitable for urban night time working
  • Virtually zero surface damage
  • Once trafficked becomes almost invisible
  • Cleans & retextures the surface


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