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Bright New Road Markings That Do Not Cost The Earth!

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Bright New Road Markings That Do Not Cost The Earth!

If you have been visiting Devon recently the chances are you have used the A30 or A38 main dual carriageways, you have also probably noticed that sections of these very busy arterial routes have been receiving safety and maintenance improvements over the past few weeks. Enterprise Mouchel who manages the Area 1 Network on behalf of the Highways Agency recently employed QMS to over-mark and rejuvenate the existing edge and lane line with QMS HyperLine™ and to install new Roadstuds. These sections of rejuvenated line now have a brilliant white QMS HyperLine™ overspray, which is really noticeable during the day, however, drive along this same road at night and this is where QMS Hyperline™ really comes into its own. You will be astonished by how much brighter they are and how much further you can see the lines on the road ahead.

The measurement for a line's retro reflectivity (the amount of light that reflects back), is called millicandela (MCD) the higher the number the more light reflected. The minimum requirement is 100MCD/m2/LUX. QMS HyperLine™ consistently produces results in excess of 500MCD/M2/lux on application (5 x more than the minimum requirement) and still producing over 200MCD/M2/LUX after 24 months. This is an increase in performance of around 200% when compared to other conventional maintenance line marking systems and goes a long way to improving road safety especially at night.
In 2011, Quality Marking Services Limited carried out an installation of 247,000 metres of QMS HyperLine™ over a 17-night period on the M3 Motorway between the M27 and the M25.
According to available information, in the thirty months preceding the installation, there were seventy-seven serious and four fatal incidents recorded on the M3 Motorway, which calculates to 2.57 serious and 0.13 fatal incidents per month.

In the six months following the installation of QMS HyperLine™, serious road traffic incidents had been reduced to seven and there were no fatalities along the same section of the M3 Motorway. This is a reduction of 1.4 serious incidents per month to 1.13 – Providing 100% saving in fatalities and 54% saving in serious incidents.
But all of this additional safety improvement should not cost the earth, with QMS HyperLine™ it doesn't, due to the way our material is manufactured and the high speed of application, QMS HyperLine™ provides an 81% reduction in CO2 and can provide up to 80% total cost saving.
QMS HyperLine™ the way to a brighter future that does not cost the Earth!


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