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QMS Enhances High Friction Surfacing Installs with New Kit

Published - 13th Nov 2015
QMS Enhances High Friction Surfacing Installs with New Kit

QMS has today taken delivery of a brand new piece of equipment that will dramatically enhance our offering for the application of High Friction Surfacing.

Known as the WASP, the machine is a Jet Turbine road dryer which has the capacity to dry a staggering 500²m of road surface every hour, without the use of LPG!

The WASP will be assigned to our Anti-Skid crew who will be out in force over the winter months installing QMS HyperGrip™ across the country. The assistance of the WASP dryer means that surface water left on site from bad weather will no longer impact scheduled installations. Our Skid Crew will now be able to fully dry a site in record time and ensure that the HFST is installed and swept during a shift.

Visit the following link to find out more about our BBA HAPAS Type 1 High Friction Surfacing Treatment, HyperGrip.


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