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QMS HyperLine™ burning bright 3 years after installation!

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QMS HyperLine™ burning bright 3 years after installation!

Three years ago during the 2012 London Olympics, QMS crews were out in Southern Ireland installing 250,000m of our award winning, high performance road marking rejuvenation system, HyperLine™.

Upon application, HyperLine™ achieved in excess of 500MCD in retro-reflectivity surveys and three years on it is still burning bright!

A recent independent test report taken of the treated network has found that 36 months on, the centre line is averaging over 300MCD and the edge line is averaging over 270MCD, significantly outperforming other Road Marking Systems. This is an absolutely staggering result, particularly when European standards dictate a minimum of 150MCD after 2 years.

This report is a testament to the power of HyperLine™ which provides long lasting performance with vivid wet night visibility.

To find out more about how QMS HyperLine™ can support your upcoming contracts, get in touch on 01626 836 777 or drop us an enquiry at [email protected]

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