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QMS HyperLine Helping to Reduce Fatal Accidents

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QMS HyperLine Helping to Reduce Fatal Accidents

At the recent Road Safety Marking Association annual conference, professor Pete Thomas, (Director of Transport Safety Research Centre at Loughborough University), presented that there has been significant reduction in fatal accidents on the UK Highway Network since 2006, when approximately 3,200 fatal accidents were recorded. This reduced by 41% to approximately 1,900 in 2010.
Coincidentally, QMS HyperLine was launched in the UK in 2006 and we have since applied 4 million linear metres throughout the highway network significantly increasing the night time visibility of the Road Marking through enhanced retro-reflectivity and therefore improving Road safety.
Along with other major road safety improvements, we feel QMS HyperLine has gone a long way to help improve road safety throughout the UK Highway Network.

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