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QMS HyperLine™ Helping to Save Lives

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QMS HyperLine™ Helping to Save Lives

Proof, if it were ever needed that QMS HyperLine™ used on a well-maintained road, can help reduce accidents and save lives.

During the summer of 2012, QMS laid hundreds of thousands of metres of QMS HyperLine™ on the M4 near Dublin in Ireland. Our HyperLine ULTRA system was used for the lane line markings to enhance wet night visibility and judging from the results, it has made a significant improvement to the network….

Road accident statistics during the last quarter of last year (September to December 2012) have shown an astonishing drop of 75% in road accidents and during one of the wettest winters on record!

Bright lines saves lives!

The QMS HyperLine™ system had already won our client over with the speed of application, cost savings with traffic management, environmental savings (huge reduction in Co2 emissions) and retro-reflectivity results. Now with this vital reduction in accident statistics, the QMS HyperLine™ has proven its worth well beyond monetary value.

The RSMA (Road Safety Markings Association) and their Lifelines report has gone a long way to highlight the problems with disappearing white lines and the effectiveness of well-maintained road markings. The report states that almost 40% of UK road markings are in need of replacement within the next 6 months, this caused widespread outcry from the general public, not least in Scotland where 61% of its single carriageway and dual carriageway roads are barely visible or fall into the warning zone; much to the alarm of Highlands & Islands road safety campaigner and MSP, David Stewart.

The Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE) has reinforced the RSMA’s calls for a radical improvement in the quality of road markings in the UK.

Speaking about the 2012 Lifelines report, produced as a result of the most thorough inspection ever of over 7,250km of British roads, IHE president Richard Hayes reinforced the need for high quality maintenance of road safety markings. The survey found that the quality of markings is now in its worst state since 2005. However, at a time when local and national Governments are making swathing cuts to budgets, Hayes feels that this is a danger to road safety.

He said, “Road markings are vital traffic signs which aid road safety.”

“They are a simple and cost effective measure, which keep drivers on our roads safe and increase highway capacity, reducing congestion".

“It is vital that road markings are maintained even in today’s climate of austerity and cost-cutting."
“The IHE cannot emphasise enough the importance of conspicuous good quality road markings, and I urge all in the highways industry to ensure that road markings in their local area are maintained."

“It’s important that these simple and cost-effective measures are not being neglected.”

QMS HyperLine™ - the way to a brighter future

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