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QMS HyperLine™ helps to significantly SAVE LIVES AND MONEY!

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QMS HyperLine™ helps to significantly SAVE LIVES AND MONEY!

QMS HyperLine™ is a fast application, quick curing, high performance, environmentally sustainable line marking system specifically designed for the rejuvenation of existing line markings. The retro-reflectivity achievable by utilising this system has been well documented with 100% compliance to BSEN 1436 requirements and zero failure in performance since 2006.
However, High Performance, Environmental Sustainability, Phenomenal Outputs and Significant Cost Savings are not the only reasons why QMS HyperLine™ should be the chosen solution for your line marking rejuvenation projects.

In 2011, Quality Marking Services Limited carried out an installation of 247,000 metres of QMS HyperLine™ over a 17 night period on the M3 Motorway between the M27 and the M25.
According to available information, in the thirty months preceding the installation, there were seventy-seven serious and four fatal incidents recorded on the M3 Motorway which calculates to 2.57 serious 0.13 fatal incidents per month.

In the six months following the installation of QMS HyperLine™, serious road traffic indents had been reduced to seven and there were no fatalities along the same section of the M3 Motorway. This is a reduction of 1.4 serious incidents per month to 1.13 – Providing 100% saving in fatalities and 54% saving in serious incidents.

The Association of British Drivers has published costs per road traffic incident throughout the United Kingdom of £1,323,880 per fatal and £154,110 per serious incident. Using these figures, the costs for road traffic incidents on the M3 Motorway in the thirty months preceding the installation of QMS HyperLine™ calculates to an estimated £568,167 per month. Following the installation this was reduced by 68% to £180,309 providing a monthly saving of £387,858.
According to the Highways Agency’s Value Management Requirements, line marking rejuvenation schemes presented to the Highways Agency for consideration are scored relating to safety, value for money and environmental sustainability.

QMS HyperLine™ provides an 81% reduction in CO2, can provide up to 80% total cost saving and assists in significantly improving the safety on the network as demonstrated on the M3 Motorway.

For a line marking rejuvenation system that is guaranteed to perform for a minimum of 24 months, together with significantly reducing carbon emissions and assisting in the reduction of serious road traffic incidents, QMS HyperLine™ is The Way to a Brighter, Greener & Safer Future!

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