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QMS Kickstart 2016 with a H&S Business Review

Published - 7th Jan 2016
QMS Kickstart 2016 with a H&S Business Review

The latest QMS Business Review took place as staff returned to work after the holidays on the 4th and 5th January 2016.

With many of our staff handling hazardous equipment and working in dangerous environments along live Highway networks, Health and Safety is a critical aspect of QMS Operations. Our tailored business review days are undertaken every 3 to 4 months and provide a forum for our management team to discuss business performance with entire company as well as deliver updates on changes in Health and Safety legislation and internal procedures.

The sessions invite the entire company to openly discuss any concerns and improvements that can be made to ensure the safety of QMS staff and contracted parties, and this inclusive forum ensures that the QMS health and safety mandate is continually enhanced by insights and suggestions from the staff who are most exposed to the risks of the trade.

Our operatives are highly skilled workers and undergo constant training to ensure that they are able to work safely and to continually deliver the quality workmanship that clients have come to expect from Quality Marking Services Limited.

To discover more about the Training and Health and Safety practices at QMS, please visit the Corporate Responsibility section of our website.

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