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RapidShield Gets Cold, Really Cold, -26°C

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RapidShield Gets Cold, Really Cold, -26°C

During January we installed RapidShield in the freezer sections in some of the UK's leading food chain distribution centres. In collaboration with Quaker RapidShield UK, we have developed an installation technique to allow us to install the full RapidShield system in temperatures as low as -26°C.

The freezers can be kept working throughout the whole operation with only minimal disruption as is usually associated with the RapidShield System. Using RapidShield can save thousands of pounds in asscoiated costs and prevent the huge disruption and logistical nightmare that such works otherwise entail.

The RapidShield System is rapidly becoming the most cost effective method for lining warehouses in the UK and gaining the loyalty of many satisfied customers.

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